5 Reasons To Consider Business Education

A Business degree program can teach you how to manage projects, lead your peers, and convert great ideas into meaningful products or practices. Here are just 5 ways a business degree pays off.

1. Broaden Your Job Search, Marketability

As noted, the skills you learn while earning a business degree are applicable to virtually any industry. That's because no matter what products or services a business provides, they always need good managers to lead fellow employees, ensure processes are efficient, and to provide thoughtful solutions to potential problems. This means that when you start your job search, you aren't necessarily limited to one industry. Because most business degree programs offer a broad core of business courses, choosing to specialize in a specific business aspect, like finance or international business, doesn't limit your job search prospects so much as boost your overall value.

2. Improve Your Salary Potential

It's no secret that business professionals are often paid well. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the mean annual wage for management professionals in May 2009 was $102,900, while the mean for all professions was $43,460. Those working in business and financial operations earned $65,900.

Even if you already have a business degree, earning a higher degree, like your MBA, can pay off. Another May 2009 report by the BLS entitled "Education Pays…" notes that salaries increase dramatically with education.

3. Make Yourself More Recession-Proof

We've already discussed how continuing education can improve your bottom line, but did you know it reduces your chance of losing your job, even in today's difficult economy? In the same May 2009 report marking improved salary potential with education, the BLS notes that unemployment rates decline with education. This is true for all fields, including business, but, as we already discussed, a business degree can help you succeed in a number of industries, which means you can always find work in a field in-demand.

4. Climb the Corporate Ladder Faster

When it comes to career advancement in the business world, there's simply no replacement for education and experience. While some business pros have made names for themselves without having any formal education, they are more the exception than the rule. Earning your business degree or MBA helps you get the skills you need to succeed in the workplace, giving you an express ticket to the higher echelons of your company. Online universities can help you advance your business education while still maintaining full-time work.

5. Launch Your Own Business

Tired of working for someone else? A business degree can help you get the entrepreneurial skills you need to launch your own business, no matter what industry you enter.

Study Business Online

Whatever your career goals, online universities make it easier to manage a business degree program, even while working full-time. Many employers will even pay for school when you pursue a related degree, even online schools. Ask your manager if your company offers tuition assistance or reimbursement to get started.


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