Canadian Universities Offer a Variety of Degree Opportunities

Canada should be a fascinating place to pursue an education. Accredited online universities in Canada abound. It may be possible to land jobs in major cities and industries or open businesses to serve smaller communities through this vast land. Besides, in your free time, you could enjoy throngs of pastimes in a growing multicultural society.

Universities in Canada: What & Where

Some 10,000 courses and more than 800 online programs and distance learning opportunities are available just in Ontario, according to the province's Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. You may check government websites to pinpoint accredited online universities in Canada near you and available financial assistance to obtain your Canadian degree. According to the Canadian government, the provinces with largest percentage of college and trade school students include:

  • Quebec
  • British Columbia
  • Ontario
  • Alberta
  • Newfoundland
  • Labrador

Canadian universities and colleges offer a wide array of degree options, from certificates to associate's degrees, bachelor's to master's degrees. Additionally, private career colleges confer diplomas that prepare you for careers in areas such as health or information technology.

Today, numerous Canadian universities and colleges offer online courses and degree programs. If you live outside of major metropolitan areas, an online Canadian university could be your ticket to completing a college education.

Why Study in Canada?

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa-Gatineau, and Calgary, the largest metropolitan areas in the country, should offer the best employment opportunities. The leading industries in Canada include:

  • Trade
  • Health care & social assistance
  • Manufacturing
  • Education services
  • Professional and technical services

The seat of government, Ontario is home to one in three Canadians and the renowned Niagara Falls. Some 28 million tourists flock to Quebec each year to enjoy beautiful sites and taste local cuisine. In British Columbia, immigrants, speaking numerous Asian and European languages, exemplify the country's multiculturalism. Alberta is known as the Gateway to the Canadian Rockies. With more than 100,000 lakes, Manitoba is recognized for its great angler fishing. In Saskatchewan, aborigines have lived in self-sustaining communities for 11,000 years. Nova Scotia is known for highlands, New Brunswick for sandy beaches, and Newfoundland and Labrador for icebergs. Prince Edward Island is the country's greenest province.

The size of Spain, the Yukon territory has 34,157 residents, connected via high-speed Internet. In the Northwest Territories, the sun never sets in the summer and the northern lights dance in the dark winters. Thousands of white wolves, bison, moose and caribou prowl this vast land. Finally, you can explore Canada's Arctic region travelling to Nunavut, population 33,220, and the home of the Inuit Eskimos.

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